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Game-Changing Opportunities for Group Practices

A personal invitation from David James, CEO 

Hi there. Let me tell you a brief story.

Back in 2009, the dental industry had a huge problem.

This problem affected practitioners, dental companies, and industry leaders alike, and they knew it.

It cost millions in lost revenues and missed opportunities.

It wasted precious time.

The root of this problem was deeply tied to the success of the individual practice. This affects the success of the entire industry.

The problem? There were no reliable, efficient, and affordable Location Strategy tools for choosing or evaluating a practice location even though Industry leaders, dentists, and advisors all agreed that location is the #1 key to practice success.

So why were locations evaluated by guesswork or gut feeling? Or even worse, with cumbersome data that returned mostly irrelevant results? Why was there no training or education available?

I knew practitioners, industry experts, and our communities deserved better.

That’s why Realscore was founded in 2010. 

We developed an online platform to provide Location Searches, Competition Ratio Analysis, and Demographic Studies fueled by Census Block Group Technology. These tools were only previously affordable by large companies. Now, the entire dental industry can make informed, confident, and quick decisions. Realscore is an independent, unbiased Location Strategy consulting firm helping practitioners, businesses, and communities to thrive.


1. Help practitioners, industry suppliers, and advisors achieve their business and personal goals.

2. Help communities attract dentists so that dental services are no longer the most underserved medical need in the US.

3. Educate practitioners and their industry partners about the importance of Location Strategy and how it affects all aspects of your practice.

We are not just about helping dentists directly but serving the companies that provide goods, services, and advice to them as well.

Companies like yours.

How may we assist? 

Here are common benefits that Group Practices experience when working with Realscore. How can we serve your company?

Minimize acquisition and start-up riskComplete practice acquisition or start-up location due diligence quickly and affordably. 

Encourage practices to get practice market competition and demographic baselines. Annually review current demographics, forecasted trends, and competition ratios with them. Be proactive about threats and opportunities.

Ensure practices are in the best location to maximize revenues and profits.

Determine high potential areas to focus the practice purchase search.

Offer reports and data as a proposal differentiator.

Shorten startup or development cycles. Assist clients in making quicker and better location decisions.

Use for proactive lease renewal evaluations, ideally 18 months in advance.

Provide greater assurance that location issues will not impact working capital and growth plans.

Assist with practice marketing planning. 

Create additional growth opportunities by initiating discussions about Strategic Moves such as owning vs leasing, remodeling, moving, adding an office, and more. 

Let’s connect. 

I believe a partnership with Realscore mutually benefits us both. A partnership can be structured in many ways, including but not limited to:

  • A referral relationship
  • White-labeled reports
  • Serving as or assisting your internal demographics department
  • 24/7 subscription access to the Realscore app – coming soon
  • And more.

I am excited to hear more about your goals, wants, and needs when it comes to challenges and opportunities in serving your clients.

I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to talk with you in more detail about the ways Realscore can serve you, and show you a live demo of our recently updated app. Click here to schedule an intro call and/or demo so we can talk in further detail.

We’re all in this together. 

As the dentist succeeds, the industry succeeds. 
realscore is here to help.

More about the realscore app

Realscore offers access to top Location Strategy tools that were previously only available to large corporations. Realscore’s App is a proprietary online system that includes the following features.

Features include, but aren’t limited to:

Z Demographic & Business Data – Current and Five Year Forecast

Z National Practitioner Database

Z Fueled by Census Block Group Technology

Z Mapping and Drive Time Integration

Z Competition Ratio Analysis using REALratios

Z Custom Search Areas and User Drawn Options

Z Non-Compete and Non-Licensed Data Exclusion Options

Z Practitioner, Practice, and Location Management Tools

Townie Perks

Interested in more information? Contact us.

Schedule a call and/or demo of the Realscore App to discuss what we can accomplish together.

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