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Realscore is an independent, unbiased Location Strategy consulting firm helping practitioners, businesses, and communities to thrive.

With all products and services based on Census Block Group Technology, you’ll receive the highest precision in market analysis.

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Location Strategy for every stage of your practice.

Dental Students

Location Strategy/business education; research Associateship, Start up or Purchase


Prepare for going on your own with Education resources, start research.

Start or Buy a Practice

Find the best location using the 5 Step Process, Use for Lending, Strategic & Business Planning. Due Diligence and Strategic & Business Planning.

Established Practices

Get annual update on your market – get in front of competition and demographic changes.

Strategic Moves

Purchase a practice with the highest growth potential
Consider relocating
Consider adding an office

Sell a Practice

Maximize purchase price

What to expect

It’s easy to find the right Location Strategy products and services for your practice. Follow these steps to ease stress, get tangible answers to big location questions, and have confidence in your practice location. 


Before You Buy

Connect with a specialist before you buy. Get personalized direction, product recommendations, and search parameters based on your unique situation at no charge. This is optional but highly recommended.


Purchase your products

Select your products and enter the appropriate search parameters. Kick back while we do the hard work. Your results will be delivered to the email provided at check out.


Be confident

We will never, ever send you your results then leave you hanging. Use your Free Next Steps Call to review and interpret your reports then determine your immediate action plan. Consider Strategic Moves for continued Location Strategy growth. 

Location Strategy products and services


Consulting Services

A high-level location search in the Realscore app with your specialist. Recommended if you do not have a specific region or area in mind for a new practice.


Market-Specific Studies

Find the top pockets with the best competition ratios and desired patient household income within an area or region. Recommended for new or expanding practices.


Location-Specific Reports

Determine Competition Ratios for all practice types, as well as Current and Five-Year Forecasted Demographics within a specified market. Recommended for new or established practices.

Practice Lifecycle Stages and Recommended Reports

Lifecycle Stage
Start Up
Established Practice
Strategic Moves
Your Business Situation
Find the best location to start a practice
Evaluate or justify a potential location
Decide on buying a building
Decide on leasing a building
Join a practice as a Partner, Employee or Associate
Evaluate my local market baseline
Jumpstart a stuck/stagnant practice
Grow/expand current practice
Consider moving due to market
Evaluate or justify a potential location
Purchase a practice with the highest growth potential
Consider relocating
Consider adding an office
Consider buying a specific buildin
Consider leasing a specific building
Consider renewing your lease or relocating
Consider expanding your current location
Purchase a practice at a fair price based on market
Consider hiring an Associate and expanding
Consider selling a practice
Join a Practice as a Partner, Employee or Associate
Speed up the location decision process
M-Series: Find the Top Pockets in an Area or Market
L-Series: Evaulate a Specific Location

find your new practice location

Using tools the pros use, at a fraction of the price.

The Five-Step Location Search Process

Determine your region or city of interest for your new practice location (and your family). Use a C-Series high-level search if you are unsure of where to search.

Use the M-Series Market Opportunity Study to find the Pockets t in that region with the best competition ratios and ideal household income.

Evaluate the fit of the top Pockets for your practice, family, and lifestyle (in person, when possible).

Once the Pockets pass the above tests, run a Demographics Deep Dive using the L-Series Reports and Studies.

Take your Location Strategy results to your Commercial Broker and advisors to find the perfect location to buy, lease or build.

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A “Pocket” is an area derived in a Market Opportunity Search that indicates a potential market for a practice.  It is normally made up of a small number of full or partial Census Block Groups.  The goal is to find pockets where the competition ratios are high and include Average Household Income greater than a threshold derived from your ideal target patient.