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Location Strategy’s Best Kept Secret

Never heard of a Census Block Group before? No problem, most people haven’t. Let us show you how Realscore’s Census Block Group Technology will help you find the best practice locations, get in front of your ideal patients, and create a lasting legacy. 

So what the heck is a Census Block Group? 

  • A Census Block Group (CBG) is the smallest geographical unit used by the US Census Bureau.
  • Each CBG includes a population of only 600 – 3,000 people to reflect neighborhoods, natural areas, and geographical boundaries.
  • There is a total of 217,740 CBGs in the USA.

Realscore uses each CBG in your Search Area to calculate the competition and demographic data to bring you the most relevant and precise results. Make big location decisions with confidence. 


Why Census BLock Groups Blow Away Zip Codes and Concentric Circles

Here is an example of real-life numbers in the Columbus, Ohio Metropolitan area. We’ll let you decide which method returns the highest accuracy in any search results. (Hint: The higher the number, the better.)

Census Block Groups

zip Codes

concentric circles


Zip Codes are artificially defined boundaries created by the Post Office. Being irregular in shape and often too large, they have no actual relevance to patient behavior and true market information. Click here for an independent third party expert’s advice about why you should not use Zip Codes.

Concentric Circles are also artificially defined boundaries. A large area is broken down into smaller 6-mile search areas then spaced concentrically on a grid. This results in a small number of potential locations being researched and like zip codes creates data from areas that are much too large with poorly defined boundaries that have no relevance to a typical practice market.

We’re letting you in on our secret…

The magic that happens behind every Realscore Location Strategy Report and Study. 

Real market reflection

In every search area, Realscore sums the number of practitioners and all demographic data for all of the CBG’s in the search area to accurately reflect a practice market and patient driving behavior.

no more missing results

Realscore’s app automatically determines if a search area boundary is excluding a nearby major cluster of additional relevant data and then includes that data within the search results. No fear of human error.

Partial Census Block Group inclusion

Our results are based on the percentage of the CBG that falls within the boundary of the radius, drive time, or custom search areas. For example, if 30% of a CBG is within the search area, we’ll include 30% of the total CBG practitioner and demographic data for incredible precision.  

Multi-Office Practitioners

When reviewing competitive practitioners for a report, Realscore can assign practitioners to more than one location when applicable. For example, if an orthodontist is only practicing out of one office in a search area 2 days a week, we can adjust this from showing as 100% in the search area to 40%. This more accurately reflects the practitioner’s impact within the market.

Location is the #1 key to practice success. 

Why risk your career and legacy with irrelevant data when the best technology is just as affordable?

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