c-Series consulting

A high-level search in the Realscore app with your specialist. 

Step #1 in the Location Search Process.

Fueled by census block group technology

explore potential regions for you practice

live feedback and guidance from your specialist

C-Series Consulting

One-on-one screen sharing consulting session using the Realscore App with your specialist to narrow down your location search options.

Step #1 in the Location Search Process. Recommended if you do not have a region or city of interest for your new practice.

Examine high-level competition ratios and demographics to help narrow down potential areas before further moving to Step # 2, a Market Opportunity Study.

Your specialist will confirm your meeting information within 48 hours after purchase.

Be confident in your location search with a C-Series Consultation.

  • A one-hour consultation with your specialist in the Realscore app.*
  • Eliminate guesswork. No more time-consuming online searches using incomplete data.
  • Fueled by Census Block Group Technology for the highest market precision and relevance.

*Does not include validation of practitioners.


“Using REALscore was incredibly helpful and vital to deciding where to start our business. The small investment to make the right decisions is imperative.”

– Dr. Brandon E. Cooley, DDS Cooley Smiles Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

frequently asked questions

What is the realscore app?

Realscore offers access to top Location Strategy tools that were previously only available to large corporations. Realscore’s App Engine is a proprietary online system that includes the following:

  • Demographic & Business Data – Current and Five Year Forecast
  • National Practitioner Database
  • Census Block Group Technology
  • Mapping and Drive Time Integration
  • Competition Ratios analysis with REALratios
  • User Drawn/Custom Search Areas Tool
  • Non-Compete, Non-Licensed Data Exclusion Tool
  • Practitioner/Practice/Location Management Tool

Do you offer free sample reports?

What is the return policy?

All reports are a snapshot in time. Therefore, due to the digital nature of the reports and that the data changes frequently, returns and refunds are unavailable. However, our policy is to provide unmatched customer satisfaction. If something isn’t right, please contact us right away. Unfortunately, we have no control over the data results, so dissatisfaction with the results is out of our control.

What if I don’t know what market to start searching in?

No problem. We recommend our C-Series for a screen-sharing call with a Specialist. Your Specialist will help you narrow down a large area, such as a state, multiple states, or several cities across one or many states. Once you select an area to hone in on, the next step will be an M-Series Report to further narrow down your location choices. Schedule your appointment now!

Will you keep our discussions and my reports confidential?

Yes. We understand that confidentiality is of the utmost importance and we will never disclose any discussions, conclusions, or reports to anyone without your permission.

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